Co-founder, Head of Energy Engineering & Operations

Morten Bay Wirenfeldt

Morten is Bodil’s resident energy expert. He leads the company’s thinking and engineering around questions of product, execution and service. Morten brings a unique combination of domain expertise and execution power to the role, merging deep technical and energy modelling analysis with implementation and operational excellence.

Mortens’ key focus is the integration of computational models for energy and heating performance in homes, digital tools for automated recommendations and smooth customer experiences, and real-time energy monitoring and service partnerships. Helping homeowners understand the energy potential of their homes and seamlessly installing the right equipment, while also providing recommendations and tools for energy management, is key to Bodils mission. Morten leads this work, and much more.

Morten began his career at Siemens Wind Power as a Thermal Engineer designing cooling systems in their 6/7 MW and 2.5 MW wind turbines. He then joined (QVARTZ) Bain & Company’s energy practice, where he spent 4 years as a management consultant, working across major domains of energy generation and distribution, including corporate strategy, project process optimizations, bid-support for wind farms, M&A commercial due diligence, and national Power-to-X strategy.

Morten holds an MSc. in Engineering & Management from the Danish Technical University, and a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Aarhus University. He is currently teaching himself to windsurf, and enjoys brewing beer with his wife Cecilie.

We are an engineering and technology company that approach the question of electrification and energy retrofitting as an ecosystem problem. By creating value in every link of the value chain, we create value in Bodil.

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