Co-Founder & CEO

Niklas Frijs-Madsen

Niklas co-founded Bodil together with KRING Innovation in 2020. An ardent climate change activist, former management consultant and civil servant turned entrepreneur, he is a systems thinker and brings a unique perspective and attitude to the challenge of decarbonization and Bodil’s quest to make Nordic homes more climate friendly.

Bodil began with a simple question; why, when we know what technologies should be rolled out to radically improve the energy performance and emissions footprint of residential homes, is the market uptake so slow? The answer turned out to be a complex mix of industry dynamics and customer pain-points, which Bodil is rapidly addressing. By taking an ecosystems approach, innovating, digitalizing, and adding value to each link in the value-change, Bodil is changing the way homeowners consider, order, finance, and service the critical heating and energy systems in their homes.

Niklas previously worked with corporate sustainability and consumer insights at human-centered management consultancy ReD Associates. Prior to that, he worked in the Copenhagen Mayor’s Office for Business & Growth, where he led the city’s work with international climate change cooperation (The C40) and was responsible for developing the city’s strategy for incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals in policy development and planning. He began his career at McKinsey & Company’s Global Public Sector Practice in London.

Niklas holds an MPA from Oxford University and a BSc. in International Business & Politics. He enjoys yoga, kitesurfing, and is working with his wife to turn their cabin into an off-grid Zero House.

We are in the business of mass deployment of market-proven climate tech, fast! Doing so requires rethinking every step in the value-chain, standardizing, automating, and digitalizing. But ultimately, radical customer centricity and service is key to market uptake.

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